Media Use in the Middle East, 2015
A six-nation survey by Northwestern University in Qatar
Social Media

Sharing information and connecting online nearly universal

Freedom of Speech and Political Empowerment

Sharing news, worry about online surveillance higher among those who find internet politically empowering

Credibility of News Media

Trust in media holds steady across the region, while more choose national over pan-Arab news

Key Indicators of Media Use

TV still most important source of news, passed by internet in some demographics

International Comparisons

Arab nations in a global context

Focus on Qatar

Unique demographics and culture, highly connected and distinct media users

Profiles of Media Users

Media users by national optimism, perceived bias, age and education


Observations for discussion, possibilities for futher investigation, and conclusions


Use the data filter to explore survey questions by age, gender, nationality, education, conservatism, and social media use.