Playing Games Alone vs. Socially

Video game players in the countries surveyed are more likely to play alone than with others. Of their time spent playing video games, gamers estimate 57.5% of this time is spent alone as compared to 42.5% of the time with others. Among those who play socially, they are equally likely to do so online as offline. Gamers in the UAE and Egypt are more likely to play alone (80% and 65%, respectively) than with others. Lebanese gamers are more likely to play with others (70%) and do so more in person than online. Tunisians are equally as likely to play alone as they are to play with others. Non-Arab expats are much more likely than Arabs to play video games alone. Asian and Western expats spend three-fourths of their time playing alone, compared with Arab nationals who spend half of their time playing alone.

One-third of internet users who play video games overall would be likely to pay to stream or download games, but there is a wide range across countries. Six in ten from Saudi Arabia would be likely to pay to stream or download games, while fewer than one in five in Lebanon would be likely to do so (59% vs. 16%). Men are more likely than women to pay for games online (39% vs. 30%), and just 27% of the oldest group (45 and above) are likely to pay. Income is not a factor.