Language of Video Games

Video games are played almost exclusively in Arabic and English, and are the only medium used more frequently in English than in Arabic across the region (67% English vs. 56% Arabic). Gamers in Qatar, the UAE and Lebanon are much more likely to play video games in English than in Arabic (85%, 81%, and 76%, English; 23%, 38%, and 48%, Arabic). Residents in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, are more likely to play games in Arabic than in English (93% and 74%, Arabic; 30% and 57%, English). Tunisians play video games in both languages equally – 66% Arabic, 63% English – but are most likely to play in French (77%).

As with film and television, non-Arab expats play video games almost exclusively in English, with almost no game playing in Arabic. Arabs play video games primarily in Arabic, but a majority also plays games in English (Nationals – 73% Arabic, 57% English, Arab Expats – 73% Arabic, 67% English).