Gamers – Behaviors and Attitudes

Almost all gamers use the internet, compared with only half of those who do not play (94% vs. 50%). Those who play video games are also more likely to engage in other forms of entertainment – watching films, listening to music, shopping, reading, exercising, etc.

Gamers are more likely than others to see the positive benefits of exposure to other cultures. They are more likely than non-gamers to agree that “people benefit from watching content from different parts of world” (71% vs. 63%), “entertainment media challenge rather than reinforce cultural stereotypes” (56% vs. 44%), and “in order for Arab entertainment to produce its best and most creative content, there should be limited censorship” (63% vs. 57%). Perhaps because they are more engaged with entertainment overall, gamers are more likely to agree that entertainment media plays an important role in their conversations with friends and family (62% vs. 48%).