Online & Social Media
Watching Video Content

A majority of internet users say accessing internet sites with emphasis on video content, such as YouTube, Hulu and Istikana, is important to them for entertainment (58%) – a claim borne out by the fact that nearly nine in ten watch videos online (88%), and a third do so daily (35%). 

These sites are important for entertainment in all six countries, slightly more so in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia (68% and 64%, respectively), and less so in Lebanon (44%). More than half of Tunisians watch online videos daily (55%), which is much more often than any other country. About a third of internet users in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt watch online videos every day. Daily viewing of videos is less common in Lebanon and the UAE (25% and 26%, respectively).

Men are more likely than women to say online videos are important for their entertainment (61% vs. 55%). Younger internet users watch videos more often and consider them more important for entertainment than do their older counterparts. Those under 25 are almost twice as likely as those over 45 to watch online videos every day (44% vs. 24%), and two-thirds of younger users say they are important for entertainment versus half of older users (66% vs. 49%).

Those who use one form of media for entertainment are also more likely to use other forms of entertainment. Thus, those who watch online videos are also more avid consumers of other forms of offline  entertainment such as watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, reading, and physical activities like shopping and exercising.