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Online Sharing

A large number of internet users share their opinions online; fewer than half say they never do (43%).Those in Lebanon are much less likely to share their opinions online (61% say they never do), while most Tunisian internet users do share (only 16% never do).  Men, those under 35, and those with less education are more likely to share their opinions online.

One in five comments on online videos. After that, an equal number – about one in seven – are likely to comment on user-generated content, sports, television, news, films, and reality shows. Men are more likely than women to discuss sports and news online – two topics they are more likely to follow online overall. Younger users, those with a primary school education and country nationals talk more about online videos and user-generated content than their older and more educated counterparts, respectively. Western expats are more likely than others to discuss sports and television programming online.