Religious Music

About one in seven adults listen to religious music (14%), a proportion consistent among most sub-groups within the overall population. Those in the UAE are the most likely to listen to religious music, those in Egypt less so (25% vs. 6%).

Those who listen to religious music feel much more strongly about preserving their culture. Nearly nine in ten who listen to religious music feel more should be done to preserve cultural traditions, compared with (a still strong) three-fourths who do not listen to this music (88% vs. 77%).

Those who listen to religious music also express somewhat stronger support for regulation and censorship of entertainment media. More than eight in ten of those who listen to religious music support more regulation of violent content and three-fourths support regulation of romantic content, compared with 73% and 67%, respectively, among those who don’t listen to this music. Additionally, 78% (vs. 71%) feel it is appropriate to delete content and 71% (vs. 67%) support an outright ban of material some people might find offensive. Seven in ten believe government oversight enhances the quality of entertainment (71% vs. 63% who don’t listen to religious music).