To provide context to the use of media for entertainment in the MENA region, participants were asked about their involvement in a multitude of activities for entertainment. “Involvement” was measured as both the perceived importance of each type of entertainment, as well as the amount of time devoted to it. The language and geographical origin of entertainment is also explored. Among the types of entertainment media considered in this survey are passive forms of entertainment (watching television and films, listening to music), somewhat more attention-demanding pursuits in entertainment (playing video games, reading, spending time online), and entertainment that requires physical activity (offline shopping, playing sports, attending the cinema). This introductory chapter provides a general setting for the more detailed considerations of entertainment in later chapters, in which the major types of entertainment media are explored. This chapter points out overall involvement in entertainment, and differences among broad segments of the overall population – such as country of residence, gender, age, income, and education level – in their perceptions of, and engagement in, various activities.