Video Games

A third of adults in Qatar play video games, compared with 40% across the region. Those who do play video games spend four hours per week at it (median). Fewer than one in five feel video games are an important part of their entertainment (19%). 

Younger adults in Qatar are the most likely to play video games, and interest declines significantly with age; those under-25 are more than twice as likely to play as those 45 and older (53% vs. 21%). One in three under 25 says gaming is important for their entertainment. Men are more likely than women to play video games (39% vs. 26%), but are no more likely to rate them important for their entertainment.

Video game players in Qatar are only slightly more likely to play alone than with others (53.5% vs. 46.5%, mean percentages). Those who play are more likely to play with others online than offline (28% vs. 19%). Asian expats are the most likely to play with others online (36%).

Driving/racing contests and sports games are the most popular (39% and 32%). No other genres come close in popularity.