Cultural Attitudes

The desire to preserve cultural traditions is strong in Qatar, as it is throughout the MENA region. The large majority of all nationalities in Qatar agree more should be done to preserve cultural traditions (94% Qatari nationals, 93% Arab expats, 86% Asian expats, 73% Westerners); the large majority of all groups also agree this is possible to do in the 21st Century. It’s Arabs and Asian expatriates in Qatar, though, who feel their culture needs to integrate more with modern society; half of Western expatriates agree (80% Qatari nationals, 84% Arab expats, 68% Asian expats, 48% Westerners).

Looking at culture in the context of entertainment, Arabs in Qatar are more likely to want to see more entertainment based on their culture and history. They are nearly twice as likely as non-Arabs in the country to desire more entertainment covering their culture and history (83% Qatari nationals, 82% Arab expats vs. 52% Asian expats, 42% Westerners) or to prefer to watch films that portray their own culture (78% Qatari nationals, 76% Arab expats vs. 50% Asian expats, 32% Westerners).