Perceived Accuracy of Films by Region

Arab films and television are considered a more accurate mirror of Arab culture and of people in the Arab world than are films and television from outside the MENA region. While Arab films and television are seen as accurately reflective of Arab people and culture by three-fourths of those in the countries surveyed, only about a third feel U.S. (Hollywood) films and television accurately reflect the Arab culture (78% and 38%, respectively). Indian (Bollywood), European and Turkish films and television all achieve similar (rather low) status with respect to their accuracy in portraying Arabs, each being viewed as accurate by about one-third of viewers.

A belief in the accuracy of cultural portrayal by Arab films and television is strongest in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Lebanon (90%, 90% and 86%, respectively), but much less so in Qatar (59%). Arab nationals are more likely than non-Arabs to rate Arab films and television as being culturally accurate.