Those with children in the home clearly feel exposure to entertainment media helps children become more tolerant of other cultures; roughly two-thirds of those in households with children feel this way (64%). A belief in the tolerance-enhancing effects of entertainment media was reported in all six countries, especially in Qatar and Saudi Arabia (74% and 69%, respectively, agree).  The same belief is very strong among children of U.S. and European expats – 83% agree – but is also felt by a clear majority of all ethnic groups.

The corollary to learning about other cultures through entertainment media is the opportunity to get a better sense of one’s own culture, or, conversely, to become detached from it.  About half of participants in this study feel entertainment media help their children get a better sense of their own cultures, a much higher proportion than the third of respondents  with children that express the opposite concern: that the exposure could weaken a sense of their own culture (52% better sense of culture vs. 34% weakened sense of culture). Expatriates more consistently acknowledge positive effects of entertainment media on children’s cultural learning.