Censorship & Cultural Attitudes
Government Involvement in Entertainment

People in the countries included in this survey feel there is a positive role for government in entertainment. Two-thirds of participants watch some of their country’s government-produced entertainment and an equal number believe government oversight strengthens the quality of entertainment (64% and 65%, respectively). This assessment of the government’s impact on quality is felt most strongly in Saudi Arabia and Qatar (84% and 76% agree, respectively). Those in Tunisia hold a different view of government than respondents in other countries - less than half of Tunisians watch government-produced entertainment (46%) and only a third believes the government enhances the quality of entertainment (37%).

People with strong ties to their cultural heritage are much more likely to support government involvement in entertainment. Nearly three-quarters of those who feel more should be done to preserve their cultural traditions watch their country’s government entertainment programming, and a similar number believe government oversight helps the quality of entertainment (72% and 71%, respectively). In comparison, less than half of those who do not feel more should be done to preserve cultural traditions agree (47% and 46%, respectively). Those with the least amount of education (primary school or less) express the least support for government involvement in entertainment (57% watch government produced entertainment and 51% feel government oversight enhances entertainment quality).